Tuesday, February 6, 2018

First Blog Post of 2018!

This year I made a resolution to blog more. It's now February and this is my first blog post of 2018! Better late than never though right? I thought I'd start this year off with answering some questions I've been asked lately, especially by people who aren't too sure what a doulas role is or are confused by how a doula supports a birthing woman.

Don't doulas just help women who have home births? 
No! We support women in any and all kinds of birth scenarios. A home birth, birth center, hospital, Cesarean section, vaginal birth, natural, epidural, induction, twins, triplets, etc. In addition, a good doula will not judge or decide what type of birth you have. Instead, we are here to support and educate you. Do you want an epidural? Great, let's talk through what that will look like so you are prepared. Are you unsure about or struggling with breastfeeding? We can answer basic questions and refer you to a lactation consultant we know and trust. Ultimately our goal is support YOU and YOUR decisions. 

What does doula support look like? 
This answer can vary depending on the needs of the birthing woman. Some women may prefer their doula to be a little more hands on and touchy- offering shoulder rubs, double hip squeezes, wiping their foreheads with a cool cloth etc. while others like a more hands off approach and prefer their doula to offer words of affirmation while handing them a cup of water. Whatever support you prefer in birth, that is what a doula is here for. While nurses and doctors are in and out of your hospital room, a doula is there the whole time to support you. 

What about the father? Can't he support me at my birth?
Absolutely! We love and encourage dad's to be involved in the birthing process and we are not here to take that experience away from fathers. But doula's bring a level of skill, experience and education to a birth. Although we are not considered medical professionals, we have a level of understanding about what is going on during the birth process and can offer different comfort techniques, basic childbirth education, while also being there to help your significant other support you! Dad's bring the love and affection to the birth place, doula's bring skill, experience and education. 

So here is to 2018! Keep an eye out for my blog posts coming soon! 

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